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Tricot Warp Knitting Fabric With Various Advantages.

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Haining Jingda Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.is professional

China polyester velvet fabric manufacturers and nylon velvet fabric factory

. The company was established in 2013 and is located in Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park, which is adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou.We have advanced German Karl Mayer warp knitting machines and related equipment, which can produce all kinds of warp knitting fabrics and woven base fabrics. Our fabrics are mainly used in entertainment, construction, advertising, roads, clothing, luggage, home textiles and other infrastructure fields.
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We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.


The company always pays attention to quality control, scientific management and research and development, and has advanced German Karl Mayer warp knitting machines and related equipment to ensure product quality.

  • Capacity

    Our annual production capacity is over fifty-four million square meters, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase requirements.

  • Shipment

    We are only 100 kilometers away from the Shanghai Port, it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other countries.

  • Cost

    We have our own factory, so we have factory direct selling price advantage

  • Service

    We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards


Our company always adhere to the principle of “quality first,credit, clients supreme”, by taking quality as life, we would like to sincerely invite the global prospective customers to visit and have a good cooperation for a splendid future together.

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May 22,2024

Can garment fabric reduce the risk of sunburn and skin damage during outdoor activities?

Yes, some garment fabrics can reduce the risk of sunburn and skin damage during outdoor activities. These fabrics usually have a certain degree of ultraviolet (UV) protection, which can effectively block UV radiation, reduce the time the skin is exposed to sunlight, and thus reduce the risk of sunbu...

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May 13,2024

Does garment fabric need to be ironed frequently?

Whether garment fabrics need to be ironed frequently depends on the type of fabric, wearing method, and personal preferences. Generally speaking, some specific types of clothing and fabrics may require frequent ironing, while others may not require or only require occasional ironing.The following ar...

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May 06,2024

Does garment fabric help regulate body temperature?

Yes, some garment fabrics have the function of regulating body temperature, which can help wearers maintain a comfortable body temperature under different environmental conditions. The ability to regulate body temperature depends on the type, structure, moisture wicking, breathability, and other cha...

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Apr 29,2024

Will garment fabrics retain their shape after repeated stretching?

The ability of garment fabrics to maintain their shape after repeated stretching depends on multiple factors, including the type of fabric, fiber structure, elastic fibers contained, as well as the degree and frequency of stretching they are subjected to. Here are some key factors:Elastic fiber cont...

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Apr 22,2024

Do garment fabrics wick moisture away from the skin?

Yes, some garment fabrics have hygroscopicity and can absorb moisture from the skin. This moisture absorption ability depends on factors such as the type of fabric, fiber structure, and surface treatment.Some common fabrics such as natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and bamboo, as well as some sy...

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Apr 15,2024

Will frequent wearing and washing cause wear and tear on garment fabrics?

Frequent wearing and washing can indeed lead to wear and tear on garment fabrics.Firstly, from a wearing perspective, friction between the body and clothing, especially at joints such as knees and elbows, can lead to gradual wear and tear on the fabric. Long term friction not only causes the fabric ...

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Apr 08,2024

Are garment fabrics UV protected?

Whether garment fabrics are UV resistant mainly depends on factors such as their material, weaving method, density, and whether specific UV protection treatments are added.Firstly, from the perspective of fabric materials, some natural fibers such as linen have relatively good UV protection effects....

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Apr 01,2024

Can high tenacity polyester fabric be folded and stored?

High tenacity polyester fabric can be folded and saved. Polyester material has high electricity and elasticity, even after repeated rubbing and folding, it is able to be restored to its authentic kingdom and is not effortlessly damaged. In addition, polyester fabric additionally has excellent warmth...

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Mar 29,2024

How to evaluate the environmental protection of polyester spandex brushed fabric?

Evaluating the environmental friendliness of polyester-spandex brushed fabric requires comprehensive consideration of the impact of the production process, the sustainability of the raw materials, the environmental friendliness of the use process, and the disposal of waste. The environmental protect...

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